How far in advance should I order my wedding/special event flowers?

A good rule of thumb is to contact your florist at least three months in advance.  However, if your wedding is going to be an exceptionally elaborate event, take place during peak wedding season or fall on a holiday, then six months to a year is not too soon to contact your florist. 

How do I pay for products and services?

Your wedding deposit is paid at the time you present your contract. Your wedding is reserved on our calendar at that time. Additional payments can be made in any increments you desire but must be paid in full not less than 14 days before your event. All other cash n' carry items are paid for at the time of purchase. We accept cash, checks and major credit cards via PayPal.

Please note that returned checks will be assessed a fee.

Do you charge consultation fees?

No we don't. Except as stated below. Your first consultation, a follow-up visit and as necessary a visit to your wedding or reception sites are without charge. A proposal with the estimated cost of your wedding flowers is also free of charge.

There is a charge for additional visits, if you are not yet a confirmed client, and your search for the right florist requires more consultation time and/or involves extended travel. If this is the case, there is a basic charge of $35 per visit or hour of travel time. However, in most instances, your consultation fees are then credited to your account once you become a client.

Is an appointment required?

Yes, an appointment is required for a consultation. 

To arrange an appointment is quite simple. You may click "Contact Us", or feel free to call Chelsea at 518.312.9897.

How many weddings do you accept on any one day?

I only accept one wedding per weekend day.  I will not accept more than two events per weekend.  This ensures a high quality of products and services.

What happens if my wedding is cancelled?

In the event something unfortunate happens and your wedding is delayed or called off, all cancellations and changes are governed by a client/vendor contract. You will receive a copy of the contract with your wedding proposal. We encourage you to be certain of what your plans are before you enter into a binding contract with any wedding vendor.


Why is a contract necessary?

Having everything in writing is highly recommend; you should only accept wedding vendors who have clearly stated terms. A signed and dated contract protects both parties and saves "wedding day" headaches when everything is clearly understood. This is another indication of the professionalism of the wedding vendor. Always notify your wedding vendors as soon as possible when changes occur so you will not incur additional unexpected expenses. Last minute changes or cancellations can be costly.


Will you work with my other vendors?

Yes, its a pleasure to work with other professional wedding vendors to help make your wedding a dream come true.

How do you handle substitutions?

Unfortunately, once in a while a substitution becomes necessary due to circumstances that are unavoidable. Perhaps an item you requested is not available because of the season, because of poor quality, the color doesn't match properly, shipping problems or for any number of other unusual reasons that are completely out of our control. Whenever possible this change will discussed with you or your wedding planner, and you will be given the available options at that time. Although they rarely occur we still make every effort to avoid these kinds of situations.